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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

While we’ve covered outdoorsy gear for water sports before — like kayak accessories, water shoes, and fishing rods— here we’ve rounded up the best-reviewed inflatable stand-up paddleboards (or SUPs) on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

The pick for best stand-up paddleboard has over 800 five-star reviews, likely because of its winning combo of price, ease of use, and quality. “To sum it up, as someone who owns three inflatables and has used countless others, I can easily say this is the best one I own,” one reviewer writes of this inflatable stand-up paddleboard. Another praised the convenience of an inflatable board, saying it was good to “have somewhere to store your board when not in use.” Inflation is quick: “It took [less than] 10 min for us to assemble and air up.” And it’s stable enough even for kids to use, with one reviewer noting, “My kids ages 5, 7, and 9 can navigate the shore with it.” All in all, with the board package coming with all the accessories needed to get up and running. One reviewer writes, “I highly recommend this as an intro SUP.”

This more petite option earned praise for longevity and surprising strength, and dozens of reviewers say that it’s a great pick for beginners. “Even though it’s under 10-feet, it’s easy to balance on, and I’ve used it for yoga without any problems,” writes one more experience reviewer, while another one says, “This paddleboard is perfect for beginners as well as people looking for a nice, relaxing, fun summertime activity. It is extremely durable and sturdy- if you blow it up right (to 11 psi, I think is what they recommend). It is firm and can hold a lot of weight without any sign of collapsing or bending (I can get 2 people and a dog on it no problem).”

It’s also proven to give multiple seasons of use to some purchasers. “The body of the board has held up great. I rammed it into some barnacles at full paddle (on accident) and it had nothing more than a slight scratch. The fin took some decent hits too but didn’t get more than a few nicks,” a reviewer who used the board regularly for two years wrote. “If you are looking for a great beginner package that is affordable and high quality, I can’t say enough good things about this board. I have been very happy with it so far.”

“I spent months agonizing over which Inflatable to SUP to purchase and so glad I went with this one,” one reviewer writes, explaining, “I chose an inflatable for two reasons: I didn’t want to add pricey roof racks to my car and I wanted it to be easily portable. Plus I wanted a good ride. This fulfills all 3 of my wishes.” And many other reviewers love to travel with this SUP, like one who lives in a small apartment and raves, “I love the Isle paddleboard and highly recommend it for someone living in the city who wants a quick and highly portable option. It’s SO great to finally have my own board instead of waiting in line to rent one at the lake!” Plus, this SUP offers a high-quality ride: “Fully inflated you can’t tell this is an inflatable. Very minimal flex. You can bump it off rocks and not worry about damage.”

Reviewers praised the extra-wide iRocker Cruiser for its ability to handle both novice paddleboarders and their ride-alongs. “The ultimate test. Could my 60-pound dog share the board with me? I came up along the canoe and let him hop on. He did well, and I was able to paddle both standing and kneeling with him on the board,” one reviewer wrote. Features also make it easier for passengers: “Bungee straps are great for gear and kiddos to hang onto.” Another praised its stability: “Everyone who rode the board found it easy to handle, I’m 5’9” and 230 pounds and even with a 50-pound bulldog riding shotgun the board was stable.” Several said they’d repurchase and “will someday get another for when I have friends visiting.” Another found their perfect confidence-inspiring Instagram pose: “I discovered I could plant the paddle on the board in front of me while standing, which created a stable stance and if I put my hand over my eyes like I was gazing off intelligently at something, looked totally legit. I get better every time I go. You will, too. Get it.”

Reviewers noted that this inflatable paddleboard seemed remarkably like a traditional fiberglass board: “If you didn’t know this was an inflatable you’d never be able to tell the difference,” one reviewer writes. “I took it out on the lake, and it stayed afloat great. My brother was on a solid SUP, and he sank more than I did on this one, which was barely at all. I sat on it, kneeled on it, tried standing on it once before sitting down,” another writes. “Very stiff once inflated to pressure can not tell it’s inflatable and not solid,” another reviewer notes.

This stand-up paddleboard is specifically designed for those looking to do yoga on the water, and one yogi reviewer writes that it’s “nearly as stable as the non-inflatables I’ve used before.” Plus, they continue, “The deck surface has amazing grip! I never felt my hands or feet slipping. The deck surface is large enough to comfortably do downward dog and plank, even though I’m 5’10.” “The top deck does feel like a yoga mat and provides good traction for both standing and paddling and yoga poses,” another reviewer writes. “I LOVE this board!”

Experienced SUP riders are thrilled with this pick, saying, “I also own a hard SUP board and the difference is minimum, I recommend this board.” Another comparison-shopped and said the extras made it worth hitting “buy,” writing, “I looked at quite a few boards and this one came with the most d-rings and bungees so I could take out a small cooler and other gear when paddling. The fact that it also came with the pump, paddle and bag, made this purchase a no-brainer … I’ve recommended this set to everyone that is considering getting into SUP.” Another hardcore SUP rider says, “I’ve taken this down some Class II and III rapids (removing the main fin) and it’s done beautifully.”

Reviewers of this inflatable SUP package were awed by its quality, which they said was comparable to a traditional fiberglass board. “I’ve been on many hard/fiberglass boards and this board SURPASSES any of my hard board experiences,” one writes, adding, “People CANNOT BELIEVE this isn’t a hard board.” Another says, “This is the real thing: It looks great, performs great and is well built.” They had praise for the materials, saying, “The foot pad grips so well and your feet WILL NOT slide at all on this pad.” Another was delighted by the board and its accessories: “Highest quality materials, head-turning aesthetics, and a competitive price put this as my number-one choice. I’m about to go out again right now!” And many others appreciate the more subtle look of this paddleboard, like one who writes, “The design of bamboo and walnut was probably the second most important factor in my decision to purchase this brand. It is gorgeous, and it’s not some fluorescent crazy Day-Glo color that will distract me from seeing nature on my excursions.”

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Every product is independently selected by (obsessive) editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

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