While planes may appear to be a place to get some sleep and relax, for others they can be utilised as a dressing room, bedroom and even an exercise studio.

Flight attendants and pilots, from all over the world, have revealed their weirdest experiences while on a plane, from a woman boarding with curlers in her hair to another doing yoga in the aisle and a man using a sanitary towel as a sleep mask. 

They exposed the bizarre occurrences on planes travelling between Seattle, London, Tokyo and other major cities on social media site Quora.

Flight attendants and pilots have revealed the weirdest experiences they have had while travelling on international flights (stock image)

Writing about their on-board experiences, one former flight attendant revealed how on a flight from San Francisco to London Heathrow a woman boarded looking as though she was ready for bed.

'During boarding a woman came on with curlers in her hair, no make-up wearing sweats,' wrote Kevin Barrett, who worked on airlines between 1987 and 2007.

'She came out as we were getting ready to prep for landing. She was fresh faced, make up, hair perfect, heels and hose, beautiful dress and all.

One stewardess told how she carried on thwarting a couple who were trying to join the mile-high club by watching when they went to the toilet together (stock image)

A pilot taking people on short-haul flights said that a woman on board often did yoga during the flight.

'She was using the seats for stretches I guess. Her husband didn't bat an eye, and her kids were running all over the cabin. She'd just change poses to get our of their way.

'I flew that family several times and it was always like that. The flights weren't particularly long, and the seats were plenty big.' 

'During this one flight, I was standing in the aft gallery getting supplies for the forward gallery when I noticed a male enter a lavatory and not lock it', she said.

'Not thinking much about it, I go about my business and then I noticed a younger female walk toward the back and try to enter the same lavatory.

'So, I said to her, "Sorry, that one's occupied". She didn't attempt to go to the other across but, once I turned my back, she tried to go into the same lavatory again.

'What she didn't realise is that at the back of our B737 there's a small mirror that allows the flight attendants to somewhat see and monitor the cabin.

'As I saw her hand reach for the handle, I spun around and repeated, "Again, sorry miss, but that lavatory is occupied". So she sighed, and went back to her seat.

'So, I finish up grabbing supplies and walk forward to the front, and noticed the female was gone and the male was sitting alone in the row.

'As I am putting my supplies away this dude comes up and goes to enter the forward lavatory, which was also occupied! Oh boy, here we go!'

Another stewardess, who worked on long-haul flights for the last 15 years, also revealed how a couple downed a whole bottle of duty free XO Cognac while taking an international flight.

'After landing and passengers had left the airplane, I saw they had forgotten their duty free liquor.

'I shouted very loudly to tell someone at the door that "seat XX forget their duty free brandy". As I ran to get the bottle and bag out, I found the bottle was empty.

A airline worker also revealed this bizarre story from an airport in Central Africa, about all the passengers entering and exiting the flight.

'One day, on loading passengers for a flight, the first passenger, a large man, as he reached the top of the front door stairs, remembered he had left his briefcase in the departure lounge.

'The attendant, thinking on her feet, suggested he quickly exit down the rear stairs and pick up his briefcase and then join the flight again, as he was the first on board and would have plenty of time to do so.

'The large man walked down the aisle without stopping and then descended the rear stairs and walked back to the lounge across the concrete apron.

'The passenger following the man, assuming he had been given instruction to return to the lounge, followed him through the aircraft and down the stairs.

'The following passengers also then assumed the passengers had been instructed to go back to the lounge.

'The entire passenger group proceeded to walk through the aircraft and down the rear stairs,  and back to the lounge where they sat down again.

And another flight attendant said that on a flight from Seattle to Narita outside Tokyo, a man went to sleep wearing one of the plane's adhesive maxi pads.

'In the aft section of the aircraft there are sometimes four to five seats across, depending on the row. So if there are empty seats, passengers will take the whole row and lay down for the flight to sleep. And that's exactly what this one gentleman did.

'He was Japanese and he carefully placed his shoes on the floor next to him, and laid his pants folded at his feet.

'However, on closer observation it wasn't a mask... it was an adhesive maxi pad from one of our bathrooms in the back! And he had STUCK it to his face!'

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