Let Pennywise keep you from forgetting with the IT Come Home Sticky Note Set. This set comes with 6 different designs of post-it notes, including one that looks like Pennywise’s face.

There are 40 sheets of each design, giving a total of 240 sticky notes, so you have plenty to leave notes for others, create reminders for yourself, add tabs to important pages of books, and more.

We imagine that Pennywise would leave sweet little notes for his victims on these sticky note pads. Jot down your plans to save Derry on this set, which features six designs inspired by IT! You can even write it right on Pennywise’s face! Perfect for scaring yourself into remembering things.

Technology is really amazing nowadays. Instead of the usual paper notes and memos, office computers are now equipped with network messaging systems that help the company go green and paperless. But if you want to go back the paper route and be all old school […]

With 5 incredible designs, it will be hard to pick a favorite from these Funko Pop! It Chapter Two Pennywise Figures. Perhaps you’ll have to collect them all. Funko Pop! IT Chapter 2 Pennywise With Balloon Figure (Funko Pop Movies #780) is available at Hot […]

We all use sticky notes to help remind us about important things, but Doctor Who fans expect a bit more from their sticky notes than just plain yellow paper. We want notes fit for a Timelord. These Doctor Who Sticky Notes deliver. You get 6 […]

If you’re a guy and you happen to be clutching a pad of these Maxi Pad Sticky Notes, then I’m sure you’ll be getting a whole of strange looks. But once you start using these quirky sticky notes, then people will finally get that the […]

I don’t know about the rest of you, but we love to sneak breaks at GeekAlerts… and the best way to stay out of trouble with the boss is to have a cool note pad waiting for him on our desk.  The Talk To The […]

Your notes won’t get any stealthier than these Ninja Sticky Notes. If you were a huge note passer way back when you were still in high school and always got caught, then you might want to try your luck with these. They won’t help you […]

The Sushi Sticky Notes are a marvel for any of the geeks out there who consider themselves to be fans of Japanese products. Eating sushi is great, but our stomachs can’t bulge forever, eventually we have to stop indulging ourselves (or die.) So, for those […]

Recently, I was teased for bringing a 256MB SD card to a meeting. So what? At least it wasn’t a floppy disk. Since floppies are now considered antiques, and memory cards with limited storage are following close behind, there are all sorts of retro products created in memoir of poor old floppy. So […]

It’s…Monty Python Sticky Notes. These are the sticky notes that Monty Python fans have been waiting for. They stick to things. And…notes! This collection of Monty Python sticky notes will delight and amuse fans of Monty Python and delight and amuse the one you are […]

When it is time to leave a note, use a note shaped like a timepiece. Something like this Sticky Note Wrist Watch. These wearable sticky notes for your wrist are perfect for reminding yourself about things that you need to do. You get one pad […]

Fans of human anatomy will have fun leaving notes for others with this cool Anatomy Body Sticky Notes Collection. This 9 pack gives you 100 sheets per pack. You might even learn something about the human body. Why wouldn’t you want body parts on your […]

2016 Cork Cover Notebook

I don’t use many sticky notes aka Post-It notes, but if I did I would use these Block Notes. They are Post-It notes shaped like Tetris pieces. I’m not positive, but I think they may even match the colors of the game pieces.

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