ORLANDO, Fla. – By now, you’ve probably heard about the dangers of plastic exposure. More than 4,000 chemicals are used in plastics and many of them are toxic.

From food containers to baby toys, plastic items are everywhere. They may be cheap and convenient but they’re also bad for your health.

In a recent study, scientists used cell cultures to examine the effects of chemicals in plastic items. They found three out of four of the products they examined contained toxic substances and some of them couldn’t even be identified. Plastic chemicals in polyvinyl chloride and polyurethane were the most hazardous. Even products made from green alternatives, known as bioplastics, contained toxins.

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While some plastics are easy to steer clear of, others can creep their way into your daily life. Some sneaky items that are made of plastic include yogurt cups, bath sponges, coffee cup lids, tea bags, canned foods, some paper cups, chewing gum, glitter, the microbeads in certain kinds of toothpaste and facewashes and even clothing items.

Researchers in this study say it’s nearly impossible for consumers to know whether a plastic product is safe, as they all contain different chemicals. Even if manufacturers know the ingredients in their products, they aren’t required to disclose them.

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